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BESTSELLER The Enchanted Grandfather’s Clock

The Enchanted Grandfather's Clock

Jamie’s adventure begins with his summer holiday at Aunt Jane’s Flamingo Pink cottage and the ‘Twist of a Key’ in an old wooden Grandfather’s Clock. He can’t believe he is faced with the ‘Challenge of Chime’ or the doom that will come if he does not complete all the challenges ahead of him successfully. Jamie delights in meeting his new friends especially the Time-Keeper who explains how he is the ‘Chosen Guest’ in their Enchanted Land. The evil Time-Taker has quite a different plan and is determined to see Jamie fail his mission. He plots to take the Crown of Cogs from the Time-Keeper and will not tolerate any child getting in his way.

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The book achieved a BESTSELLER ranking on Amazon! After two days on Amazon the paperback book went into the hundreds. In total books get ranked out of 6 million! Four months after achieving a #1 Bestseller Status on Amazon ‘The Enchanted Grandfather’s Clock’ received
an ‘Honourable Mention’ at the London Book Festival for Children’s Book Category 2013

About Charlotte Jones

Charlotte Jones

Charlotte Jones is from Darlington in the North-East of England and is a qualified nurse, teacher, coach and author. She attended a writer’s circle at seventeen and was encouraged to write her stories.

Charlotte’s characters in the Enchanted Grandfather’s Clock are very real to her and these friends would come to life during bed time reading (even the squealing Snuggle-Buttons) in the attempt to get her daughter to sleep successfully.

Recently, the author was asked, ‘Which character are you most alike?’Her response was, ‘Most of the characters own unique parts of me however, Aunt Jane is the most alike me’. She added, ‘Once upon a time, I did meet a Giant but that is another story!’

Interestingly, Charlotte loves reading, running and adventures sight-seeing. Adventures often include Charlotte being lost or stuck on boats!

Introducing The Enchanted Grandfather’s Clock Characters

Illustrated by Parisa Jones

The Time-Keeper

Radiant, beautiful and graceful in her manner towards others is the Time-Keeper. The Time-Keeper wears the Crown of Cogs in the Enchanted Land of Bong and is despised by the Time-Taker for many reasons. As a leader of the Enchanted Land of Bong she welcomes those who enter their magical home. Many years ago the Time-Keeper completed the ‘Challenge of Chime’ and that is another story for you to read! She represents all that is kind (that includes her only ever using her gifts of magic for good) and values love and serving others above all things.

Snuggle Buttons

These characters squeal as they speak (earplugs may be useful if you desired to accompany a Snuggle-Button for any great deal of time) and they are shaped quite like the letter S! The Snuggle-Buttons have the most noble character and are incredibly loyal to others. They love to snorkle promises up their noses in the Land of Clock Face and take their role to place promises into jars very seriously.
A sweet thing to see is a Snuggle-Button as they get excited about something and that is because their long noses wriggle uncontrollably.

Aunt Jane

Eccentric and known for being ‘a little bit different’ to other folks who live in her village is Aunt Jane. Her nephew Jamie and niece Emily adore her company and that is because she enjoys each day moment by moment. She always has stories to share when she is not out exploring North Yorkshire or doodling on her art pad. When Aunt Jane hosted a Pudding Party recently she had guests complete pudding wordsearches and played ‘Guess the Pudding’ with a blindfold! Indeed it is Aunt Jane who owns the old wooden Grandfather’s Clock and possibly she does not think enchantment and magical adventure is out of the ordinary.

The Watchers

‘TOOD-A-LOO!’ is what the Watcher’s cry out as they jump from one golden weight to another inside the magical Grandfather’s Clock. The Watchers love the Land of Weights and are very particular about keeping to time (they have outfits created from watches to ensure that they are always right on time). Young Watchers get very distracted and frustrated when they do not have a focus for their energies. They like structure,
co-ordination and discipline.

The Magical Land of Bong

This is the next book to be released from the ‘Chronicles of Gnoble’. It is full of surprises! Here is a snapshot of the next adventure.

‘A true friend is like sweet perfume,’ squealed Mrs Snuggle-Button to her family.
‘A loyal friend is like plenty of apples in a glorious silver basket,’ declared Mr Snuggle-Button to his friends.

‘And that is why we must rescue Jane from the Time-Taker!’ both Snuggle-Buttons announced together.

Scamper stopped crying when all of his friends started to cheer,

‘Rescue Jane! Rescue Jane! Rescue Jane! Rescue Jane!’

Wisdom and Destiny jumped so much in excitement that the ground started to shake. The Time-Keeper quietly stepped forwards to the crowd and immediately they silenced waiting for her to speak.

‘My dearest subjects. Our way teaches us clearly that my magical gifts must not be used during the Challenge of Chime. If I helped you in your rescue of Jane from the Time-Taker it would be a disaster for all of us. Or it would be a tragedy if I don’t help you. Time as we know it would no longer exist!’

Scamper rolled towards the Time-Keeper and came to a halt at her feet. Suddenly he opened his eyes and spoke,

‘Your Grace. Our guest Jane is special isn’t she? Besides that she has given me the title of ‘best friend’ so I cannot let the Time-Taker harm her. I promised to help her return home for Christmas Day.’

‘My sweet young Fur-Fog a best friend is worth the risk. Jane must be free to complete the Challenge of Chime for all of us but I warn you. Her freedom from captivity will cost you all dearly as the Time-Taker will have his revenge.’

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The Enchanted Grandfather's Clock